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Floral Designer |Claudia Cameranesi


Passionate stylist and set design of flowers – with emotivity and balance create ’s floral composition of great charme and elegance .

Great admirer of the beautiful and talented Karen Tran she attendedthe floral master class St.Regis Florence , Sant’Anselmo Rome.

Over the years she has achieved a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of color, shape and materials

obtained through courses and experience working hight level in Italy and abroad. Graduated in psychology, mother of two sweet girls,

brave talented always in love with crazy flowers. Because of her great ability to get in touch with herself and to live without fear her art, has created her own style, she meets inspiration in the art nouveau and expresses feelings and emotions a pure deep natural way.


“If you love a flower that lives on a star, it is sweet to look at the sky atnight.”



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Claudia Cameranesi 

Flower & wedding Designer

Indirizzo: Via Fraccagnani, 1

Città: Grottammare

+39 348 053 2795



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